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                Jiangsu vientiane industrial investment co., LTD., a total of construction, real estate development and education three group of industry sectors. Administer a jiangsu construction group co., LTD, lianyungang city urban construction real estate development co., LTD., GanYu junior high school of foreign languages and hen GanYu intellectual middle school.

                All group of jiangsu construction group co., LTD., with engineering construction general contracting qualification, construction engineering design class-a qualification two industry the highest qualification. In addition, also have fire control facilities project specialized contracting grade, class I national construction decoration project specialized contracting, first-rank construction curtain wall project specialized contracting qualification. Earlier passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18000 occupation health and safety management system certification, in the domestic north China, south China, east China, northeast, northwest and other regions more than 20 points, subsidiaries.

                Group has lianyungang city urban construction real estate development co., LTD., with real estate development secondary qualification, mainly based on the scope of the city, develop real estate projects.

                Education industry is one of the local government of group key card. Earlier GanYu foreign language school gained the title of the national excellent private primary and secondary schools; Think good middle school is the first four-star senior middle school of run by the province, is China's first research and application of Zhu Zhixian education psychology of senior high school.

                Over the years, we are always adhering to the "harmony and win-win" core values, to "expand the happiness space" for the mission, and grasp the market, management, technology innovation, building the brand integrity, unceasingly for the local economic and social development to provide the best service. Put on more steam rolled up his sleeves, for building vientiane into development with high quality and respected by society enterprise unremitting efforts!

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